One thing I learned 30 years ago when I was first elected to the S.D. Legislature. Good politicians — dare I say true Statesmen — deeply understand that EVERY vote they cast hurts someone. Whether it is restricting someone’s freedoms, taxing someone’s income, failing to overcome societal problems, or denying someone access to something they need…every vote hurts someone. Without a doubt, those legislative votes are intended to also help someone. But, the legislators that I came to admire the most — the legislators who were most thoughtful, most insightful, most creative, and most trustworthy — thought equally about who would be hurt as well as who might be helped by legislation that they considered. From all of the one-sided commentary that I hear from many of our elected officials — that what they do is perfect and that what others do never has merit — it seems that many of them never learned this simple lesson.State Capitol