Dear Readers:

The conversations and the posts on this website are intended to create a balanced conversation about leadership, politics, and healthcare — the three topics that have dominated my professional career.

My intent is not to affirm every reader’s current beliefs, but to challenge them.  To give all of us pause.  To question what we believe and what we know.  To explore that which we do not understand.  To expand the ideas that intrigue us.  To raise doubts about our most deeply held opinions.

My belief is that we are stronger as leaders, as citizens, and as a society…not when we hold identical viewpoints, but when we have both belief and doubt, optimism and skepticism, confidence and uncertainty, self-interest and global concern, courage and fear, action and caution.  We are stronger when we straddle the paradox of opposites.  For every decision we should know there are alternatives.  For every belief, we should be aware of what we do not know.  For every difference, we should know that all humans are more alike than different.Mike  & Paula

This website is simply meant to share ideas and viewpoints that force us all to think a little harder, take action more often, defer to others more frequently, and to never quit wanting to learn.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments!