Michael Wagner

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MICHAEL WAGNER is the author of UNcommon WISDOM.

MIKE travels the world working with organizations, teams, and executives on the challenges of leadership and culture.  Additionally, his experience is focused primarily in the realms of politics writ large, and healthcare specifically.

EDUCATION:   Mike earned his Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 1996.  He was awarded a Bush Foundation Leadership fellowship for study and was named a Lucius N. Littauer Fellow for academic achievement and additional contributions to society.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCESMike has been involved in elected and advocacy politics for 45 years,  healthcare policy and consulting for 29 years, and issues of leadership and governance for 34 years.  Specific experience includes…

  • Ko Awatea Innovation Centre / Auckland, New Zealand – appointed as a Senior Leadership Fellow in 2016; co-designed the launch of a worldwide initiative (World Health C.L.I.M.B.)  to strengthen leadership within healthcare around the world;  forged partnerships and guided working projects  for the design of next generation leadership curriculum and teaching technologies;  provided guidance to senior leaders on long term strategies for improvement and innovation
  • The Advisory Board Company—Designed and launched new services to support hospitals and health systems in achieving research-based performance improvement in management and clinical operations; created strategic planning and implementation programs to identify opportunities to adopt best practice strategies and systems; developed and presented research findings, moderated case study discussions, and conducted implementation workshops for the membership on-site; worked in consulting and teaching roles with more than 750 healthcare organizations, governments, and agencies.  Areas of expertise include clinical re-engineering, emergency care redesign, reforming the medication management process, and nurse recruitment and retention.
  • Habitat for Humanity—Managed association affiliate and all aspects of outreach, fundraising, contracting, volunteer management, family services, community development, and board of director relations.
  • South Dakota House of Representatives—Elected to four terms in the South Dakota House, serving as Assistant Majority Leader, Vice-Chair of Health & Human Services, Chair of Local Government and several select committees, and Vice-Chair of the National Conference of State Legislature’s Committee on Intergovernmental Cooperation. 
  • Municipal Government—Elected to fi ve terms as President of the Aldermanic Council and Mayor of a small town in South Dakota; served as Vice President of the State Municipal League; and worked as a member of the National League of Cities’ Committee on Economic Development.
  • Kilian Community College — Taught management and business classes for non-traditional student body. 
  • Business & Operations Management—Nine years experience directing logistics and operations for an international order fulfillment company; ten years experience managing inventory and databases for a multi-state manufacturing and wholesaling operation; two years of experience as owner and manager of a retail operation.

PERSONAL INTERESTSMike spends much of his spare time snow skiing, scuba diving, off-road motor-biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and boating along the Missouri River.  When he and his DSCN2946wife of 42 years, Paula, are not spending time with their eight grandchildren, they enjoy traveling the world, raising Mute Swans,  and entertaining family and friends.